Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bollock Brothers?

The Bollock Brothers

THE BOLLOCK BROTHERS are a British punk rock novelty act, led by Jock McDonald (vocals) The group debuted in 1983 with a double novelty album called The Last Supper Their first single immediately hit the press. God Save the Queen, recorded with Michael Fagan, the man who broke into Buckingham Palace. Later in the year, they released one of their more infamous projects, a total re-recording of the sole Sex Pistols album, this time titled Never mind the Pistols, Heres the Bollock Brothers, an electroversion of the famous Sex Pistolsalbum. But they became real famous with culthits as Horror Movies , The Bunker, Harley David, son of a bitch and The Slow Removal Of Vincent Van Goghs Left Ear Releases continued through the mid-'80s, including The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1985), Rock'n'Roll Suicide (1986), and The Prophecies of Nostradamus (1987). McDonald reconvened The Bollock Brothers in 1996 for another go-round on the LP Blood, Sweat and Beers.

Jesus Lives, the bands latest album is now totally sold out, the tracks like Jesus Lived six years longer than Kurt Cobain is receiving heavy air play in the west coast of the US, Wheres my Girl also taken from the album is receiving good plays on Studio Brussels. Fourteen albums to date have been released by the band, many famous musicians have descended from the Bollocks like Youth and Geordie (Killing Joke) Martin Young (Pump up the volume), Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) on the early productions. Jock Mcdonald has been the only person EVER who got the permission to rewrite and record a Serge Gainsbourg classic (the rest only recorded my dears).

There has always been a strong Belgium connection with the BB. In an earlier live, a man called Bart Peeters replaced their drummer. Yves Feys from TC Matic played keyboards. When their drummer John Mortimer died in 86, he was replaced by Pat Pattyn of Nacht Und Nebel after in that same year Patrick Nebel (Nacht Und Nebel) died, so their forces were united.

And now they are back, live even stronger then they ever were.

A new single,Cyber Polaroid, produced by Luc Van Acker, was already released last year and the new full album Last Will And Testament will be released this year.

Before this release there will be another interesting release ! A Best Of The Bollock Brothers album with a bonuscd with remixes of famous artists from all over the world. Furthermore The Bollock Brothers music seems to have been rediscovered by a new and younger generation of hip musicians from all over the world. Today, renowned artists such as Vive La Fete and 2Many DJs emulate the bands early work on this new album .

Ladies and gentlemen... THE BOLLOCK BROTHERS!

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