Monday, April 18, 2011

Danny Mommens for Queen and Country, and the Bollocks!

Vooruit Gent 15 april 2011
Jock: They would not even let Danny Mommens in to our dressing room to play Queen and country of which he sings on our album last will and testament my dear

Danny: i ask 4 mc donald ? they said .... blabla.....
It was a cool show, cool sound, more than Fischer Z!

A Fistful of...4-Skins

A Fistful of...4-Skins is the second studio album by English punk rock/Oi! band, The 4-Skins, released in 1983 by Syndicate Records. In comparison to The 4-Skins' previous material, "A Fistful Of...4-Skins" featured a slower, heavier, more melodic, hard rock-based sound.

Less successful than its predecessor, the album charted outside the Top 30 on the UK independent chart. The band members claimed that this was due to chart manipulation.[1] The album was later combined with debut LP, The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins (omitting the track "One Law for Them" from that album due to space limitations) and released on a single CD by Link Records in 1987 as A Few 4-Skins More, Vol.1.

Following the breakup of the line-up that recorded the band's previous album, The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins, Hoxton Tom McCourt had assembled a new line-up (the fourth overall) including former The Last Resort singer Roi Pearce, and future Skrewdriver guitarist, Paul Swain.
Track listing
All songs written and composed by McCourt/Pearce/Bransom/Swain.

No. Title Length
1. "5 More Years" 3:20
2. "Waiting For A Friend" 3:36
3. "Johnny Go Home" 2:59
4. "The Gambler" 3:30
5. "I'll Stick To My Guns" 2:53
6. "On File" 3:57
7. "Forgotten Hero" 4:01
8. "The Spy From Alaska" 2:57
9. "H.M.P." 3:10
10. "No Excuse" 3:33
11. "Betrayed" 3:40
12. "City Boy" 3:51
13. "New War" 4:10

CD reissue bonus tracks
No. Title Length
14. "On The Streets" 2:46
15. "Saturday" (Demo) 3:05


Roi Pearce - lead vocals
Hoxton Tom McCourt - bass guitar, lead vocal on "New War"
Ian Bransom - drums
Paul Swain - guitar
Keith Bollock Brother - backing vocals
Neil Barker - backing vocals

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Tent - Six Emty Places 1981


A Tent - Six Emty Places 1981

Alaska Studios, Lodon

February - April 1981
Recording session of ‘A Tent’
Album released as ‘Six Empty Places’ on Cherry Red: BRED 17 (GB)

Gavin Povey - keyboards
Dudu Pukwana - alto sax
Keith Bradshaw - bass

Mike Richardson - drums
Middleton - vocals
Mike Alway - guitar

LP Six Empty Places

1. Seven Years Part 1 (No Thought)
2. Seven Years Part 2 (Abundance)
3. Parachuting In Bolivia
4. Intellectual Stance
5. No Way Of Knowing
6. Dockland Lullaby Part 1 & 2
7. She’s Waiting To Be Looked At (Hanging By A Thread)
8. Shiney Black FBI Shoes, Up And Down The Stairs/I Thought Things Were Ironed Out……