Monday, April 11, 2011

Infa-Riot, Hornsey Community Centre, London


Hornsey Community Centre, London

THIS IS Infa-Riot's fourth gig and the third time I have seen them, and every time I see them I think, yeah! This is what it's all about, ordinary kids getting together for a bash. Gutter level, a garage band — no pose, no shit, just get on with the job. Protest, hate, love all bottled up and let out in a stream of catchy energetic songs. Punk — what it's supposed to be.

Infa have already built up a strong North London following and tonight the centre is filled with famous faces. Jock McDonald, Paul Young of the 4 Be2's, Brendan of the Longshots, Dave Smith of Bad Apples, John Stevens of Top Of The Pops fame, even Bryan Ferry turned up with his new flame, but he left in a hurry when Paul Thompson was spotted firm handed with the Upstarts. (Are you sure? — Ed)
The Infas take the stage, two 15 year olds and two 17 year olds. Lee (vocalst, Mac drummer, Barry (guitar), Floyd bass, and burst straight into 'Brick Wall', one of their strongest songs ('I'm talking to a brick wall cos you never listen to a word I say'). Next is 'Boring School' followed by 'Five Minute Fashions' which goes down well with the shaven headed punters who chant the chorus ('But you're a skinhead now!')
Then straight into a rabble rousing 'Riot! Riot!' dedicated to Jack Char/ton. 'Britain's Not Lost' is the next offering. The lyrics of this are heartfelt but somewhat misguided and confused, but then again who isn't confused this government and the opposition, the only ones who seem to have any time for today's youth are the SWP, NF and BM which isn't what Cadbury's would call Star Choice. But ' don't worry, Maggie reckons the situation is good for selling antiques.
'Boot Boys', 'Kids Of The 8O's', 'In For A Riot' are three other excellent songs and they all go down a storm. Three encores and Infa-Riot have finished their fourth gig. I recommend you to see their fifth. See them as they are, young, energetic, funny, serious and full of mistakes. See them before the music business sucks them in and blows them out in choc bars. Joe Strummer reckons he's seen it all before, John Lydon reckons it's all finished. But I prefer Jock McDonald's end of gig verdict, "Would you believe it...?"

(MENSI September 1980)

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