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Bollock Brothers Biography - NME

Bollock Brothers Biography
The Bollock Brothers are a British Punk act formed in 1979 by the London promoter, DJ and manager Jock McDonald and are latterly best known for their cover of Serge Gainsbourg's song "Harley David (Son of a Bitch)".

Alter-incarnations of the band include Red Lipstique, fronted by Dave Archer and Terry

The BB's were renowned for their left field covers of such songs as Dracs Back, Shame Shame Shame (as Red Lipstique) and For Your Love as well as their self penned creations such as Horror Movies and The Slow Removal of The Left Ear of Vincent Van Gogh. Always on the lookout for clever publicity, their 1983 electro version of the Sex Pistols' album Never Mind The Bollocks received critical acclaim and featured a certain Michael Fagan, the man who famously entered the Queens bedchamber at Buckingham Palace

During the 80's Jock McDonald (ever accompanied by man mountain bouncer "Baby") ran the Studio 21 club in London and frequently featured guest DJ's such as Billy McKenzie of The Associates and regular guest The Fatman (John Blackledge) from the Glamour Club at Crocs in Essex. Studio 21 was one of the most avante garde clubs of its time and was known as the place to be for those who did not simply wish to pose at Camden Palace or the Blitz. The BB's regularly performed at Studio 21 also.

The current members are Jock McDonald (vocals), Henning Janssen (guitar), Richard Collins (bass) and Patrick Pattyn (drums). Henning Janssen is currently represented by Fre Landuyt, the guitarist of the Belgian band Surf Speed Ball Jr.

"Big Mark" Humphries, keyboard player of The Bollock Brothers died on March 31, 2008.

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