Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nik Fiend - Alien Sex Friend

Nik Fiend: Around '78 we were going to do a gig on the roof of Beaufort Market in the King's Road. I think Jock MacDonald (of Bollock Brothers) had organised it & there was going to be a big headliner band but so many punks turned up that the police closed off the street & arrested people & stopped everything. We were lucky not to get arrested ourselves. We also did a gig in Oxford, where I jumped onto the bar at the side & ran along it, as I went back towards the stage someone set my shirt on fire. I went flying into the drums, they started to burn, & the curtains as well, somehow someone put it all out & we carried on. Munchie from Tenpole Tudor was playing bass that night. That was part of it, playing with all different people. There was another good one at a venue in York Way, I got halfway through the gig & wanted to liven things up a bit so I dropped my trousers, jumped off the stage & ran around the place, half the place emptied!

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