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Paul Shurey - Keyboards

Paul Shurey - Keyboards

Bollock Brothers 1983-1985

The VIP's were formed in 1978 while Guy Morley (guitar), Paul Shurey (drums), Jed Dmochowski (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Price (bass) were at Warwick University. They soon found a manager, Clive Solomon who with Timmy Mallet (now a television and radio presenter) and both students at the University, helped to finance the groups first single. During the holidays the VIP's started to play round the capital and built a loyal following. A second release tied in with the band member's leaving University.

The 3 track EP, featuring "I'm Perfect", "I Believe", and "Boy's Of The City" was released on Clive Solomom's own Bust record label. During the summer of 79 the VIP's could be found playing all over the country and although not particularly considered to be a mod band, they played most of the popular London venues, frequently on the same bill as Squire (they shared the same management).

In early 1980 they went into Olympic studio's (Barnes) to record some tracks with ex-Animals bass player/Slade and Jimi Hendrix manager, Chas Chandler. Eventually a recording agreement was reached with GEM records and "Causing Complications" came out in March 1980. To coincide with the release the VIP's went on tour supporting SECRET AFFAIR.

After the tour "The Quarter Moon" was recorded and on it's release received widespread radio airplay. The single reached number 54 in the charts and would have earned them a valuable Top of the Pops appearance but due to an industrial dispute at the BBC they missed out. Disappointed the, the VIP's continued to play gigs and joined MADNESS on tour as support act prior to recording their third record for GEM. This time producer Bob Seargent (of BEAT and HAIRCUT 100 fame) was recruited to give "Need Somebody To Love" the extra something to capture the bands individual pop sound on vinyl. Although this was probably the most representative single by the group it didn't take off and by the end of 1980 they seemed to be losing heart with the business. Internal rifts had become apparent and in December the band played its last concert at Leicester University. A fourth and final single ironically titled "Things Aren't What The Used To Be" (a song taken from the original sessions for Causing Complications) became the VIP's epitaph. Paul Shurey and Guy Morley had already made alternative plans for THE NEW VIP's and recruited Simon Smith to take over the drum seat from Paul who had returned to his native keyboard instruments. Eventually with Tony Conway (guitar), Phil Ward (vocals) and Andy Godfrey (bass) they became the MOOD SIX.

Jed Dmochowski issued a press statement as to why the split had occurred: "I felt like a vegetable in the Garden of Eden" he claimed; though later admitted his health was beginning to suffer through constant gigging. After taking time off he returned with a solo LP. "Stallions of my Heart" on WHAM records (an LP, which featured bass player Gary McManus, now with. THE SPECIAL AKA and Simon Smith on drums) and played sporadic concerts under the pseudonym "The Poetic Slave"

After Mood Six split up Guy Morley recorded some solo material but has not materialised with any positive plans for his musical activities. He now works for a video production company. Paul Shurey joined "The Bollock Brother's" recording several singles and playing concerts with them until 1985. Jed Dmochowski is still a solo artist working on new material for future release. Bass player Andrew Price left music after the VIP's split up to become a computer programmer.

Mood Six was a neo-psychedelic band formed in London's West End in 1981; emerging from the remnants of mod revival groups like the The Merton Parkas and the VIPs, their original lineup included Phil Ward, Tony Conway, Andy Godfrey, Guy Morley, Paul Shurey, and Simon Smith.
Debuting with two tracks "Just Like a Dream", and "Plastic Flowers" on the A Splash of Colour compilation, the group immediately launched itself to the forefront of the short-lived British new psychedelia revival; signing to EMI, Mood Six issued their first official single written by Tony Conway "Hanging Around", but were dismissed from the label when the release of the follow-up, "She's Too Far (Out)," was aborted, leaving only white label versions in circulation. Curiously 80's artist Toni Basil chose to record her own version of Hanging Around and this is included as the B-side to her massive selling "Hey Mickey" single
In 1985, Mood Six resurfaced on the Psycho label with the LP The Difference Is..., jumping to Cherry Red to issue A Matter Of! a year later. After a long period of seeming inactivity the band returned in 1993, releasing And This Is It on their own Lost Recording Company label.


Just like a Dream + Plastic Flowers (1981)
(2 tracks from "A Splash of Colour" WEA K58415, 1981)
Hanging Around / Mood Music (7" EMI 5300 1982)
She's Too Far / Venus (White Label copies only with P/S) (7" EMI 5336 1982)
Plastic Flowers / It's Your Life (12", Psycho Records, 1985) This is a re-recorded version of Plastic FlowersThe Difference Is... (LP, Psycho Records, 1985)
What Have You Ever Done? (12", Cherry Red, 1986)
A Matter of.. (LP Cherry ed 1986)
I Saw The Light (12", Cherry Red, 1987)
And this is it (LP Lost Recording company 1993)
Plastic Flowers / It's Your Live (12", Old Gold, Spain, 1997)


Anonymous said...

Real name is Paul Sheppley. Joined The Damned in 1985, rejoined The BBs for their spring 1986 dates (was interviewed together with McDonald and Bradshaw in Germany's SPEX magazine 7/86), rejoined The Damned after this and is now keyboard tutor in Essex (look under "meet the teachers"):

Coertie! said...

I think that this is the right one...

Coertie! said...

I'm still looking for een e-maiadress of Paul.
Someone can help me?

Anonymous said...

Paul is pictured on the back of the 'God Save The Queen' single (on the far right). A later photo of him is in The Damned's 'Anything' tourbook from 1986. I'll send you a copy of it ...

Coertie! said...

Thank you!

Rockin' Texan said...

I was a naive, young Texas girl visiting London for the 1st time (1979) when Paul "Youngie" Young and I locked eyes at a pub in Finsbury Park. We were inseparable for a short time. He was living in J.Lydon's flat in Chelsea & enjoying being a part of the 4BE2's. I last saw Paul in 1981 when I was living in NYC. Do you have any idea what became of "Youngie".