Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Classic Rock Club Cheshunt

How we got Here !!!!

Well back in the eighties the “Bollocks brothers” teamed up with “Crow”to play great music over the airwaves in the traditional British Pirate fashion. We managed to find somewhere permanent to broadcast from (without getting busted) 24/7. The type of music we played at the time was not available on the radio, so we put a programme together to give the the local community the option of listening to Classic Rock, Prog Rock, psychedelic rock, Hard Rock , Space rock, Blues, Modern jazz, Ambient, Avent garde, Dub, ….just about everything you could not get on the radio unless you tuned into John Peel… These days with DAB radio you can get Rock music when you tune into Planet Rock but all the tracks they play are too obvious and still too safe because the suits who organise the playlists for the likes of Tony Iommi, Ian Anderson and Rick Wakeman, need to get their revenue from the corporations that advertise on in between tunes. “Radio Never Say Die!” played music that was played at home by real music lovers because we are passionate musicologists and we grew up in the East End where the whole teenage culture revolved around a wonderful melting pot of music all fused together to give what we have today!! In the mid nineties we discovered the internet and tried out internet broadcasting. We found out very quickly that we could spread good music around the planet. So before all the laws came in to get us jumping thru hoops, we soon had 85 countries tuning into RNSD….It was fantastic…we were getting great feedback from the rest of the world, even NASA were tuning in !!! As we all know once the suits realise they can cash in on a new medium the small guys like the local cornershop will get crushed. We had our servers in Minneapolis broadcasting to the world because this service was not available in the U.K. at the time. RNSD did not have a successful business model because we were more into the music than the money, unfortunately we were a bunch of old hippies at heart so we went skint The servers were taken off us in lewe of back rent and we were off the air again. So I thought lets go back to our roots and take RNSD back on the road. Enter The “Royal Standard Music Venue” in Walthamstowe. I got in touch with some old mates in bands from the seventies who were still on the circuit and we came up with “Radio Never Say Die” presents… After a few shows where we would play C.D,s fans really liked and put on Real bands, not tribute bands, that people wanted to See and listen to. We managed to keep going every other Thursday nite for about 3 glorious years. The following bands that played were Humble Pie, Micky Moody, Colin Blunstone and Rod Agent, Wishbone Ash, The Ozric Tentacles, Stray, The Grounhogs, Tim Rose, The “Mad World” of Arthur Brown, Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Stan Webbs Chicken Shack, Blues guitarist from the USA. Carvin Jones, Martin Turner, (from wishbone ash) Hawkwind guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton, Original Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell, Vertigo label band Clear Blue Sky, ELP,s Carl Palmer…..and too many more to mention Now you get an idea of the type of gig we were….we could do it again, if conditions prevail… First of all we need a demand…This is where you lot come in… I can get a venue where we would start off by playing all the type of music I mentioned above…we would have a “collectors corner” where we could buy, sell or swap c.d.s with each other we could enjoy a glass of real ale at reasonable prices listen to music played through a quality sound system, with a psychedelic light show, see films of all our favourite bands and perhaps listen to the occasional live acoustic act…I would try to keep admission free entry to begin with…. If we can get an audience (35 and over) that would appreciate this type of nite out we can the introduce the “live” bands again …I think that sounds like a plan !!!! You can help make this happen by refusing to watch Big Brother, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Coronation St, by sending me an email to get on our mailing list for future events… I cant do this if you don’t come, we need an audience to make it happen!! There are venues out there who know me and would welcome the customers who love Rock music …so lets all make it happen, get involved, get up off your arses and send me your email or myspace address and be part of the “Rado Never Say Die!” road show Well that’s how “Radio Never Say Die!” has evolved into its next incarnation of The “Classic Rock Club” (Cheshunt) ….. These days the D.J.s at Radio Never Say Die are spinning the black plastic for “The Classic Rock Club” in Cheshunt. We still have the Mighty “Crow”, “D.J. Chilli”, “Ruben from Redbridge” The “Bollocks Brothers”, and on rare occasions , when we can get them out of retirement, “Gomez Gonzalez” and “Sal Paradise”….. We are fortunate enough to have guest D.J,s such as Barry “Vertigo” Winton who is an expert on all things Prog Rock and The Vertigo Label We also have our very good friend Nick Salomon from the “Bevis Frond” who has one of the best Psychedelic collections in the country !!... Nick could often be heard on the airwaves of the mighty “Radio Caroline” playing the best in sounds on the British Psychedelic scene as well as “Radio Never Say Die!” The “Classic Rock Club” has a long history and pedigree for playing the tunes real Music Lovers enjoy…over the years we have been influenced by many genres of Rock music and bands that was spun out from the late sixties and early seventies…… The following Bands are just a few names that come under the heading of Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, Acid Rock, Space Rock and Kraut Rock…….
The Band of Gypsys, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Blind Faith, Captain Beefheart, The Doors, S.R.V. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Nektar, Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Grand Funk Railroad ,Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Humble Pie, Fleetwood Mac, Muddy Waters,Yes, Hawkwind, Miles Davis, Man, Terry Reid, Traffic, Spooky tooth, Jethro Tull, Them, Moby Grape, The Electric Prunes, Fairport Convention, Love, M.C.5 Tim Buckley, Rolling Stones, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Trapeze, Stray, Caravan, David Bowie, Ivor Cutler, The Velvet Underground Wishbone Ash, The Mothers of Invention, The Allman Bros Band, Santana, Status Quo, The Misunderstood, High Tide, Patto, Iron Maiden,

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