Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kevin Mooney vs Jock

Adam has an interesting version of events of what happened afterwards with the fight with 4Be2's. What's your side of the story?
I remember that they started on Mandy, Adam and Marco, and then Jordan and I came down. There was a big fight, and that little fucking arsehole, Jock McDonald, I jumped on him and started having a go at him. There were about ten other people. I tell you, that 4be2 lot are a bunch of fucking wankers. No doubt they still are, you know, drunk 'round Finsbury Park. They were arseholes. And I tell you what, the most annoying thing was I beat Jock McDonald in that fight, but someone broke my bass. And that pissed me off because that was a really good bass. It was a Gibson, and I'd never had one like that before or since.
So you couldn't get it fixed?
No, I tried to get another one but it wasn't the same.
So it was actually a proper fight? Adam claims he was almost stabbed and Mandy saved him...
Yeah, he was going on about all that and Jordan was quite feisty in that one, and there was an Antfan with a mohican. I used to talk to him a lot but I never knew his name, he was there.
Did that used to happen a lot?
Yeah, and I was surprised because that happened right in the middle of the BBC. We were walking back, getting ready to go out and then these fucking arseholes jumped us. I wouldn't mind, but they never made a good fucking record in their life! Fair enough if it was Johnny Rotten or something, but it was Johnny Rotten's wanker brother.
So why were they there?
Fuck knows.
So things like that did happen?
Oh yeah, a lot of that happened. We had some very strange violent scenes.

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